This disk that I sell is dual layer and it is replicated, which means it is professionally manufactured and pressed from a glass master. The files are raw avi files, they have not been reformatted so they are very high quality. This video is recorded at a resolution of 1584 X 1056, so it does not degrade when you enlarge it. You can play it full screen on a twenty four inch monitor just fine.


Us & Canada $30.00 + $5.00 shipping & handling.


International $30.00 + $9.00 shipping & handling.



About the Video

In this video you will learn about the construction geometry for setting up to build a carvel planked wooden boat. You will be able to see and understand,

Picking up points from a boat
Developing a lines drawing
Developing the curved transom.
Developing the rabbet notch.
The three station method.
The building stations.
The clamp & shelf.

as all of this geometry is explained in detail. Open this disk on your computer and see the instructions on how to get the files to play. There are twenty eight files, they open and play one at a time. The duration of all twenty eight files, is eight hours and twenty one minutes.





Part One:  3D Geometry

1) Part One, Building the Boat in 3D
2) Outside Surface
3) Keel & Transom
4) Laying Out the Keel & Transom
5) Clamp & Shelf
6) Laying Out the Clamp & Shelf
7) Building Stations
8) Laying Out the Building Stations
9) Lines Drawing in 3D

Part Two: Lines Drawing

1) Part Two, Lines Drawing
2) Picking up Points on the Boat
3) Sheer Rabbet & Keel
4) Transom in Body Plan & Top View
5) Ending Points
6) Stations & Diagonals
7) Water lines & Butt lines
8) Developing the Deck & Laying Out the Transom

Part Three: 2D Geometry

1) Part Three, Developing the 2D Construction Geometry
2) Three Station Method
3) Keel & Rabbet Notch
4) Building Stations
5) Flat Transom
6) Planking Deduction
7) Developing the Curved Raked Transom
8) Curved Raked Transom Reduction – Extension Method
9) Curved Raked Transom Reduction – Triangle Method





To get these AVI files to play on your PC computer, you need to have windows media player and you need to install the tscc file. For a MAC computer you need to have the quick time player and you need to install the ensharpendecoder_universal file. These codec files are in the folder called, codec.  Also, there’s a camplay file for a PC computer. You can drag this file to your desk top, then right click on the AVI file and go open with camtasia player. To use the camtasia player it would best to have a 24 inch monitor because this player will not resize the video. The windows media player and quick time player will resize the video to a smaller screen.

To open the Rhino file you need to have the Rhino program installed on your PC computer or you can download the free version.

This is a link to the Rhino web site for the free download.


This is a link to the Camtasia web site for the codec files.




The Rhino File

The rhino file has all the geometry that was used to make this video, it would be very helpful for learning how to develop the geometry in this video.

Instructions for opening the rhino file.

Go to the rhino web site and download the free version of rhino 4.


This program will install on your pc computer and it will not go away after thirty days. Click on the rhino file to open it, you will see four views, to maximize one view just double click on it, so double click on perspective. If the layers window isn’t open go to edit, layers and edit layers. You can dock the layers window or let it float in the screen, you can drag the bottom of the window down to expand it. Now you can see all the layers, click on the plus and minus symbols to expand and collapse these layers. To rotate the perspective view hold down on the right click of the mouse and rotate, use the center wheel of the mouse to zoom in and out. To shade the parts of the boat, right click on perspective and in the drop down list click on shaded. To see the lines drawing from the top view, double click on perspective to go back to four views and then double click on top.