Building the Racing Kayak / The Dash

This kayak is designed as a racing kayak, with a salt water displacement of 6200.3 cubic inches so the total weight is intended to be 230 pounds. The hatches and skeg would be designed by the builder. This is a strip and strongback type of construction for this kayak.


The plans for this kayak are being offered for free at the present time. If you send me an e-mail request I will ftp a download link to you that will have pdf files and a building manual. You will need to take these pdf files to a reprographic print shop and have them printed on paper and mylar. This building manual is intended for someone that has building experience as it does not go into detail about mixing epoxy, woodworking skills, varnishing and many other things that you need to know about.

Click on these links to see the pdf file.

racing kayak
wood kayak