This video is being offered for free at the present time. If you send me an e-mail request I will ftp a download link to you that will have avi files and instructions to open the files.

About the Video

In this video you will learn about the construction geometry for developing the panels to build a stitch & glue boat. You will be able to see and understand

Establishing the ruling lines.
Developing true lengths.
Laying out triangles.
Developing the center line.
Laying out the panels.

as all of this geometry is explained in detail. Open this disk on your computer and see the instructions on how to get the files to play. There are nine files, they open and play one at a time. The duration of all twenty eight files, is two hours.


1) Introduction
2) Ruling Lines & Diagonals
3) Establishing the Ruling Lines
4) Developing True Lengths & Laying Out Triangles
5) Accuracy
6) Developing the center line
7) Transom
8) Laying Out the Panels
9) Conclusion


To get these AVI files to play on your PC computer, you need to have windows media player and you need to install the tscc file. For a MAC computer you need to have the quick time player and you need to install the ensharpendecoder_universal file. These codec files are in the folder called, codec.  Also, there’s a camplay file for a PC computer. You can drag this file to your desk top, then right click on the AVI file and go open with camtasia player. To use the camtasia player it would best to have a 24 inch monitor because this player will not resize the video. The windows media player and quick time player will resize the video to a smaller screen.

To open the Rhino file you need to have the Rhino program installed on your PC computer or you can download the free version.

This is a link to the Rhino web site for the free download.


This is a link to the Camtasia web site for the codec files.